In 1939, Joan Ruscalleda opened a small winery in the 41th parlament street in Barcelona, "La Perla del Priorat."
He started to serve wines, liquors, vermouth, soda, beer ...
Then in 1962 he left the business to his daughter Maria and her husband Marc-Aureli and they explain that his father left the barrels filled, the cash register full and the list of defaulters to continue the work. During the following years the marriage takes the management of the tavern and continues serving as pickled sardines, anchovies, salads, olives, ham, appetizers ... Maria and Marc-Aureli were encouraging and began cooking variety of dishes made with a small kitchen at the bottom of the cellar. Dishes like beef tripes, sausage with beans, roasted pork, scrambled eggs, beef with mushrooms, sardines, fried codfish, pork feet, stews ... all the dishes fulfill the delight of many customers inside and outside the district. Finally in 1965 they found a restaurant with the name "Pa i Trago" (bread and drink in Catalan ) and with the help of Marc-Aureli's brothers, Jordi and Wifred arrive at this day with a hard work. Now after 50 years, the restaurant is managed by two of the children of the marriage: Marta and Daniel, who make the third generation at the management of the restaurant maintaining the style of Catalan cuisine with traditional recipes.


Maria Ruscalleda


Winery's Front Door

Wifred, Juanito i Miquel





Manelic Corner

Jordi,Wifred i Marc-aureli